Lyndsey Ariel make up
  • "Lyndsey does amazing work!! She made me feel like a million diamonds! From the moment she walked in my house at 5am (all bubbly and beautiful) till the time she left at 1:30pm she was amazing. I've never felt more beautiful and since it was my wedding day it was that much more special. My husband couldn't get his eyes off me all day. And I cried like five times and my makeup didn't even move my lashes stayed on all day the following day. They say you get what you paid for and they were so right! She made my photos look amazing!" - Lisa Lindner-Saturro, Bridal Client

  • "Lyndsey was wonderful and a joy to have for my wedding day! Our time together was filled with smiles and laughter. She arrived early to all our appointments and was very accommodating to my busy schedule. I loved my makeup and received nothing but compliments all night. The makeup held upwell even during the 3 hour photo session in the Florida heat. Lyndsey truly loves what she does and it shows." - Kim Olmoguez, Bridal Client

  • "You did such beautiful makeup on my daughter this past Sunday. Thank you so much for making my little princess's face beautiful. The make-up lasted the entire day. I'll be sure to contact you again if I ever need a make-up artist in the near future. Take care!!" - Carol Morales, Quinceanera client

  • "I love Lyndsey Ariel as a MUA, very professional, always on time, and gives all of herself to your project. So talented and gifted a true artist! What are you waiting for? Hire her!" - Marlin Woodruff, Photographer

  • I just wanted to give you a big "THANK YOU!!!!!!!" for your work on Friday. I can honestly say, a) my face has never looked better, b) I received so many compliments and dropped your name big time, and c) you've inspired me to try to wear more make up during the regular week. Seriously, you ROCKED it and I'm so thankful! For any major event, I'll be hitting you up!" - Kelly Barkley Mane, Bridal Client

  • (I really enjoyed working with Lyndsey. She was on time and very professional. I was very impressed by the makeup she did for our lookbook. I only had to say how I wanted the makeup to look for the model only one time. She did it perfect! I will be calling her again for the next look book. Thanks Lyndsey...awesome job..) Joel Williams, JOVINCE' Denim Brand

  • "I've used Lyndsey Ariel's services many times for parties and the results are always flawless. I don't know of any other make up artist that can do cheek and eyes like her. I am getting married in May 2012 so especially now more than ever, I want everything to be perfect. I used Lyndsey for my engagement party and dare I say, I looked gorgeous, thanks to her skills. I have a engagement photoshoot next week and of course Lyndsey is coming with us. I absolutely love her work and she is very easy to work with, she will go to your house or wherever it is that you need her, always on time very reliable so you dont need to worry. I am looking forward for my shoot next week with Lyndsey, I love your work!" - Barbara Pessanha, Client

  • Talent is something that in my opinion can't be taught! Don't get me wrong anyone can learn to be a great makeup artist but the trendsetters, rule breakers, and awe inspiring ones aren't made, they're born! Lyndsey is by far the best makeup artist I have worked with and being a photographer I've worked with a fair share of them! If I had my way, I would have Lyndsey in every single one of my shoots! She's a 5 star professional with a contagious personality! - Alejandro Llauro; Fashion Photographer

  • "Lyndsey Ariel, a great make up artist who's talent exceeds most I've come in contact with. She's very professional. Shows up on time and does her thing. Great taste in make up and uses the highest quality she offers her clients. This business is very demanding and competitive. She takes it one step at a time and manages to smile through it all. If you haven't worked with Lyndsey, then you haven't experience beauty at a highest level. Aside from her professional side, she's very personable and is easy to get along with. Gives 100% whether she's working or mingling. Lyndsey Ariel, she's the real thing." Maria Silva, Owner/President of On 3 photoGraphics & Rock and Redeemer Christian Apparel

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Caudilla, In a class setting.
    She is creative has a real intuitive understanding of all cosmetics but, especially makeup application. She is a willing participant and excellent at taking a 1920's look and updating it to a fabulous current style. I would be honored to work with her in the field and would recommend her for any job. She has a professional work ethic and I think she will do very well in this field. She shows imagination is wonderful at the mechanics and intricacies of eyelash application, brow blocking, era duplication." - Sharon Slattery celebrity makeup artist, makeup artist WPIX 11 TV, instructor at Last Look Makeup Academy.

  • "I would highly recommend collaborating with Lyndsey Ariel. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to creating new makeup ideas." - Erica Coronado - Wardrobe Stylist

  • "Lyndsey's energy and passion for this industry is contagious. She is not only pleasant to work with, but has the experience and professionalism to create the perfect look." - Christine Perez, Model

  • (I was in a bind because another makeup artist pulled a no show the day of the shoot and Lyndsey came on a drop of a dime. I gave her a reference photo and she executed exactly what I was going for. She had a good sense of direction on set. She is professional and talented. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.) Inez Bonilla, President, Painted Faces Model Management